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Keep an eye out for 'Rage Quitting'

Humanistic HR can support you with employment terminations
Rage Quitting; risks to keep an eye out for

Have you ever had a scenario where an employee in the heat of the moment has verbally resigned? A snap resignation can pose complex challenges for a business. Read on to find out what you need to consider when dealing with a case of ‘rage quitting.’

Firstly, how do you determine if a ‘rage quitting’ is a genuine desire to end the employment relationship, or just a fleeting emotional reaction to a difficult situation? How does an Employer discover the true intent of the employee?

Humanistic HR recommend that an Employer should be wary of accepting a verbal resignation on the spot. Sometimes you may feel the need to respond or make a decision immediately, but very rarely do you really need to do that and it's often not in your best interests to.

A ‘rage quitting’ scenario is a strong indicator that you should be checking in on the employee’s wellbeing regardless of if you think the resignation is legitimate. Not only is this important from a workplace health and safety perspective for your staff, it's crucial for risk mitigation.

Furthermore, an Employer shouldn't accept a resignation from a third party (for example, a partner, parent or a spouse) without confirming with the employee directly. Sometimes if the relationship has been strained a ‘rage quitting’ is too quickly accepted by the Employer as it appears to have mutual benefit. It's important to slow down and ensure the process is procedurally sound to avoid a potential financial consequence for the business.

If an Employer accepts the verbal resignation, despite the employee indicating their intention to stay or changing their mind after the 'heat of the moment' has passed, the employee may be found to have been unfairly dismissed.

The takeaway for Employers is that any important employment conversation should be confirmed in writing and a procedurally sound process in a ‘rage quitting’ scenario will be your best friend.

If you wish to review your business’ process in relation to terminations, please contact Humanistic HR.


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