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Outsourcing Human Resourcing

"Your Outsourced HR team"

Humanistic HR supports growing businesses by offering a complete suite of HR expertise in an outsourced Human Resourcing model.  Effectively, we become your HR team.  We integrate with your leadership team seamlessly, partnering and providing HR solutions, so you can focus on building your business.

At Humanistic HR, we know that having the right HR foundations in place will support your business to thrive as it grows, with your employees as your greatest ambassadors.  We also know that businesses have differing needs at each stage, so we customise our offering to meet your current needs and budget.

With a few decades of experience in the spectrum of HR specialties amongst us, we’ve got you covered.  We can flexibly support your needs as an internal HR team could, but we partner and scale to the size and complexity of your business, so you can just tap into what you need, as you need it.   Outsourcing human resourcing is a cost affective approach for a growing business, as you have access to senior HR expertise without having to employ multiple senior experts.

We see it as our role to make the HR side of your business hum, so we work pragmatically with you, supporting your current and next needs, rather than tying you up in red tape and rules.  We’re very down to earth and enjoy taking the stigma out of all things employment related; we really enjoy building Leaders confidence - some even say we make HR seem fun!

We have expertise to support you with all elements of the employee lifecycle:

Job interview


First impressions count - an employee's experience during the hiring stage sets the tone for their employment. 

Humanistic HR helps you set new team members up for success from the get-go - making sure they’re connected into your culture, aligned with your purpose and clear on your expectations and have support in the early months

  • Employment compliance; position descriptions, remuneration, contracts, modern award and enterprise agreement provisions

  • Induction and onboarding

  • Setting performance expectations & development plans


Team members’ needs change over the course of their employment with you and it’s important to have the right systems in place to enable them to deliver to your expectations and support your business success.  

Humanistic HR helps you get the best out of your people by creating an employment experience that engages them and supports their professional growth – we’ll help you as your business evolves, to have the right people programs in place to engage and retain your best people.


  • Performance systems, reviews and management of underperformance

  • Organisational culture

  • Professional development 

  • Employee engagement programs

  • Health & Wellbeing programs

  • Leadership development

  • Recognition and Reward programs

  • Flexible & virtual working arrangements

  • Stay interviews

  • Career progression

  • Annual Salary reviews & benchmarking

  • Change management

  • People programs and systems project management

Job Interview


The end of employment experience is important to get right; it needs to be timely and managed with sensitivity, to send your employees off to their next role as advocates of your business. Departing employees can provide useful insights to help us continually evolve your organisational culture.

Humanistic HR are experts at navigating employment departure risks, securing insightful feedback from departing team members and supporting your team members to leave on the most positive of notes. 


  • Employment termination (including redundancy)

  • Exit interviews

  • Managed departures

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Employment governance keeps many business owners awake at night.  Growing businesses often find themselves implementing governance on the fly in response to expanding needs.  Setting up some HR Scaffolding really supports business growth and mitigates risk to growing employers.  

At Humanistic HR we’re not huge fans of red tape and rules but we can support you in putting a right sized solution in place to ensure your obligations are covered.  We’re also experts at supporting growing business in developing plans that enable a workforce to meet their growing needs.  We can partner with you, to develop a fit for purpose solution that won’t tie you up in knots 


  • Policies

  • Structure

  • Leadership development, mentoring & coaching

  • Retention planning

  • Workforce planning

  • Performance systems, investigations and Fair Work representation

Business Meeting

Considering outsourcing Human Resourcing?

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Our Process

Humanistic HR offers flexible delivery options; we can offer on-site support, remote (via telephone and email) support, respond to your needs as they arise or work to an agreed schedule – whatever best suits your business.  And, as your needs change, we can adjust the arrangement.  Our goal is to make outsourcing Human Resourcing a simple addition with high value add to your operations.



  1. Discuss your current needs & HR priority areas

  2. Get to know your organisation – size, complexity of employment provisions, maturity of employment frameworks, current business phase, current strategic objectives, preferred ways of working

  3. Propose HR service solution

  4. Setup working pattern to suit your needs

  5. Periodically review that the service we provide is meeting your requirements

Book in a time for a cost & obligation free chat!

What Our Clients Say About Us

M. McIntosh - NDIS

Humanistic HR have taken away the stress and confusion when it comes to our employee contracts and awards. We are so grateful for their professional approach and layman terms explanation of what we need to do. We also love their fast response to our emails. Our budgeting for our HR needs has stayed on track thanks to their communication and billing system. Overall, a great business to deal with. If you're looking for a business that is thorough and professional, Humanistic HR won't let you down.
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